Friday, June 5, 2009

Flip Floppin'

During my recent recuperating retreat to OBX, I brought a pair of flops that have been a favorite of mine (Ann Taylor Loft, Color: Grey, Style: wedge flip flops with a bow accent). Though not new the are still in great shape. Not to mention they are wedges so they of course make your legs look great! And when you are trying to turn your mood around, looking your best always helps!

For this trip I wore them out to the beach with my bathing suit (mainly for their photo shoot). For a evening look I paired them with a purple maxi dress; which is perfect for me cause I am short so I needed a lil lift so that the dress just hits the floor, rather than overflowing onto the floor.

Yup, the perfect accessory for a beach vacation...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

1950's Jet-Settin'

So there is this great restaurant in Richmond Va Havana 59' which takes the setting for my next pair of shoes to the left (Guess, Style: Vintage peep toe ankle strap and dangerously high, Color: Black, Material: leather). Last summer (8.08) I had my birthday at that restaurant and went with the theme. At a vintage clothing store I bought the most amazing 50's style dress! I was lucky to start the hunt early and by the time of the party I found the perfect shoes to make a perfect outfit. I love my pictures from that night and I love the shoes. 

To be honest all my shoes have a purpose and they all satisfy me in some way. When I am feeling down it is amazing what a fabulous pair shoes can do to make your whole demeanor change. That night I felt almost like Marilyn Monroe and the shoes played a staring role. Just looking at them brings back those memories and it is nice. What a fun night and a fun pair of shoes*

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It was only a matter of time...

I love my shoes... I love wearing a simple not-to-do-much black dress and pairing it with some yellow peep toe high heals! Plus once I blog about all my shoes in my closet then Ill have an excuse to buy more!

The shoes to the right (Jessica Simpson, style: JP-LEE, color: Black, material: Smooth Patent Leather)  are my newest addition to my closet and have yet to be worn out on the town... I am thinking about debuting them in New York when I go up in a few weeks. They need a fun bright colored dress to pair them with. But I have to say in the mean time they make my legs and feet look good in that picture. Cant wait to wear them (outside of my bedroom)!